Air Conditioning

Automobile Air Conditioning Repairs Chilliwack only

Automobile air conditioning repairs can range from a belt replacement to refrigerant leaks to compressor damage. At FRASER VALLEY TiRELAND™ in Chilliwack, our air conditioning services can recharge the refrigerant level back up and ensure the pressure is at the right level so you can drive in cool comfort.

Automobile air conditioning can make a long, hot and stuffy drive much more pleasant but like anything else with your car it does require maintenance and occasional car air conditioning repairs to keep it working at its optimal level. Over time you may notice your air conditioning does not blow cool air, air flow is reduced or even odd smells are coming from your vents. All of these signs indicate that your vehicle air conditioning may need repair and FRASER VALLEY TiRELAND™ in Chilliwack, our highly trained technicians can assist you with a wide variety of repairs for truck or car air conditioning.

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