Brake Repairs & Installations, Langley & Chilliwack locations.

There’s no question that brakes are vital to the safe operation of your vehicle. B&B TiRELAND™ and FRASER VALLEY TiRELAND™ have certified technicians that can help with your basic brake inspection as well as a full replacement and installation of your vehicle’s brakes. Regular maintenance and inspections of your brakes will help to ensure they last as long as possible and are as safe as possible.

Low fluid levels, leaks in the system’s hoses, or brake pads with build up all reduce the effectiveness of your brakes. B&B TiRELAND™ and FRASER VALLEY TiRELAND™ brake shop will ensure every component of your brake system is in top shape and can assist with any repairs or maintenance required. Call B&B TiRELAND™ at (604) 530-5307 or FRASER VALLEY TiRELAND™ at (604) 795-5745 for your next brake check, replacement or installation in Langley or Chilliwack.