Auto Repairs, Engine Repairs & Tuneups, Langley.

B&B TiRELAND™ provide tune-ups, engine repairs, car and truck repairs, including alternator repairs, fuel pump and starter repair and replacement, in Langley.

The alternator in your vehicle is responsible for supplying electricity to your battery, lights and other accessories. When your alternator begins to fail your battery will lose charge and if left too long your vehicle will stop running. B&B TiRELAND™ provides both alternator repairs and replacement. The tell tale clicking noise is a common sign of alternator issues while your starter will cause the car to crank slowly or weakly when the key is turned.

A significant decrease in fuel economy, sputtering noises from your engine or changes in acceleration are strong indicators that your fuel pump requires replacement. B&B TiRELAND™ technicians will examine your vehicle and help to determine the exact cause and best resolution for your car or truck. Call B&B TiRELAND™ at (604) 530-8400 for your next tune-up or repair in Langley.