B & B TiRELAND™ – Top Brand Tires in Langley, BC – Canada

There is more to buying tires than meets the eye. You have different tires for different driving needs. Trust the B & B TiRELAND™ in Langley tire experts to help you determine the tires that are right for your driving lifestyle. We carry all the top brands and we’re prepared to deliver the best combination of value and performance.

When it comes to putting the tires on your car, we know you probably care more about it being done right than how it is done. However, you may be happy to learn that our state of the art equipment ensures it is done right.

Innovative Tire Changes

The Artiglio Master marks a new frontier in the world of tire changers. You will never need to worry about your expensive wheels or tires being damaged in the process.

Next Generation of Wheel Balancer – ER100

The wheel laser dimensional balance ensures the most accurate wheel balance ever.