Additional Services

Wheel Alignments, Shocks, Ball Joints, Tie-rods, Langley.

B&B TiRELAND™ services shocks, ball joints, tie-rods and provides wheel alignments. Proper wheel alignment ensures your tires last as long as possible, wear evenly and your vehicle doesn’t pull right or left. Your vehicle’s suspension system can take on a lot of wear and tear, so if you start noticing excessive bouncing while driving, your shocks may need servicing or repair.

Ball joints are an important part of your car’s suspension and a worn ball joint can cause poor handling, steering issues and ultimately suspension failure. Erratic or difficult steering can often be a sign of worn out tie rods. B&B TiRELAND™ trained technicians will help to assess if your poor alignment and challenged steering are a result of your tie rods, ball joints or other area of concern. Call B&B TiRELAND™ at (604) 530-8400 for your next alignment, shock, ball joint or tie rod inspection or repair in Langley.